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Sanitation Service

The cleaning process is divided into a few steps, the first of which is the inspection of the upholstery to analyze what will be the procedure and products to be used, as in each situation a technique can be applied, such as in the case of stains on drinks, sauces, rust and uric acid. In these cases, we only apply products in these areas and remove the stains before washing the entire sofa.
Once this is done, we start applying a flotation product throughout the upholstery and let it act for a few minutes, this will make all the dirt that is on the underside of the fabric to be taken to the top. After that, we start scrubbing, just to spread the product well, break up the particles and ensure that all the dirt is loose and easy to be extracted.
In the extraction, we rinse and extract well all the dirt along with the product that was applied, without leaving any traces, and then we go to the second part, which is the application of bleach.
In this process, we use products based on hydrogen peroxide, which guarantees the removal of bacteria, fungi, mites and all kinds of microorganisms, not limited to dirt, providing more safety for your health and that of your family.
After that, we extract the product, which in addition to leaving the upholstery sterilized, provides more color and softness to the fabric.
Finally, we brush the strands, leaving everything uniform and apply a flavoring to neutralize odors and leave your upholstery smelling.
*It is noteworthy that the removal of some stains is not guaranteed, as they may come from the direct sun action on the upholstery or they may be there for a long time, causing them to become encrusted in the fabric.

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